🍰 Why Dessert?

Written by Dessert • Published 26 Nov. 2020 • Documentation

As a team composed of Epitech students, we always had a fascination for low-level technologies and performances, because of how we learned programming. For the same reason, we also had didn't like much Web technologies such as Javascript, despite the browser being such a wonderful abstraction.

Day after day, web pages become more and more bloated, slow and hard to navigate and, like everyone, we are tired of it.

Then we heard about Web Assembly, promising a compilation target close to assembly and executable by browsers. This would allow people to code in a language they like for the Web, great !

Around the same time, we also learned about Rust, a language both safe and fast, and who not only can be compiled to Web Assembly, but also has a toolkit and documentation to do so.

Say no more, we had our project idea: A platform with tools and module to replace existing Javascript in web applications, to gain performance easily and instantly.

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