šŸš€ Quickstart guide

Written by Dessert ā€¢ Published 26 Nov. 2020 ā€¢ Documentation

Install a module

First, install the Command Line Tool, it will greatly simplify the process.

Choose a module to install

It is necessary to define what library used in your app can be replaced by a Dessert module. To do so, to methods exist :

  1. Manually browse the Dessert website
  2. Use the recommend command from the Dessert CLI

The recommend command will run through your project's dependencies and check for each of them if an existing Dessert equivalent exists, then display a list of modules likely to interest you. You can then install these modules if you want, or pick the one you are interested in.

Replace a dependency

It's recommended to first check a module's documentation before installing it because some details on installation or usage may vary.

Then, install the Dessert module :

npm install <module_name>

Next, you have to replace in your code the occurrences where you use the replaced library (the one you are replacing for a Dessert module).

Eventually, remove it. For example:

npm remove <old_library>

If everything went well, your app just gained performance !

Some demonstration are available here or over here.

Got an error?

āš ļø Dessert (and more generally WASM modules) use asynchronous imports. Here is what importing a module looks like:

let myModule;
myModule = await import('some-dessert-module')