🛠️ CLI Documentation

Written by Dessert • Published 26 Nov. 2020 • Documentation

Dessert Command Line Tool (cli), written in Go using cobra and viper.


dessert-cli is an MIT-licensed software.

New modules aren't linked with GitHub yet, contact us through Intercom or our contact page in order to be verfied by our team and get your modules properly listed.


Download the dessert-cli binary from our GitHub releases.

Add the binary to /usr/local/bin which must be in your $PATH.

You are all set ! 🍰

Installation for development

Build using go

go build

Connect to the GraphQL endpoint

The application must connect to a GraphQL endpoint in order to fetch the needed data. By default, this is our current development endpoint. However, one can override this by setting the DESSERT_GRAPHQL_URI environment variable.



Makes a folder dessert-ready.

dessert-cli init

Checks if package.json exists.

Else asks for an npm init

Adds to package.json:

  • an object dessert
  • the value “is_core” to this dessert object
  • the keyword “dessert” to the keywords property
"dessert" : {
  "is_core": ""
"keywords": ["dessert"]

Creates a Dessert config file dessert.yml

version: 1
token: ""


Logs you into Dessert.

dessert-cli login

Your Dessert credentials will be prompted.

Grabs your token and writes it to dessert.yml for future actions.


[needs you to be logged in]

Logs you out from the Dessert platform.

dessert-cli logout


[needs you to be logged in]

Publishes your project to the Dessert plateform.

dessert-cli publish

You’ll need to run npm publish afterwards.


Adds the modules you are replacing to the dessert object in your package.json.

dessert-cli replaces moduleA moduleB ...


Recommends you modules to replace

dessert-cli recommend moduleA


Displays your dessert-cli version.

dessert-cli version